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Rediscovering Richard III


Natasha Sheldon


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In September 2012, archaeologists unearthed remains from a Leicester car park, covering what was once the city’s medieval Franciscan friary. After five months of waiting and exhaustive scientific tests, those bones were revealed to be those of Richard III, the infamous last Plantagenet king of England and the last English King to die in battle.
The announcement of the identity of the bones has fascinated the world. But equally fascinating is the story of how the King was rediscovered at all, a story that began long before the bones were revealed and is still ongoing today.

This is the story behind that search. Using interviews with the historians and scientists involved, Historian and Archaeologist Natasha Sheldon tells the tale of how Richard was lost and how myths surrounding the fate of his body were busted by historians who pinpointed the grave site, as well as the archaeological and scientific methods they used to excavate the body and establish its identity.   




Not a Guide to Leicester


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'From the momentous to the outlandish, this book is packed full of fun facts and trivia about everything to do with Leicester. Much more than a tourist guide, residents too will discover things they never knew about the city. Facts, history, humour; it's all here in this engaging little book.'


Discovering Pompeii-

 A Historical Travel Guide


.A guided tour along one of Pompeii's main streets, the Via dell Abbondanza to discover some of the people of Pompeii and their daily lives. Explore the houses of the rich and poor,  local businesses, where people are, local entertainment, politics and so much more


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