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Discovering Herculaneum-Out April!

Herculaneum is so often overlooked in favour of Pompeii. 

But this little seaside town actually compliments its larger sister along the Campanian coast. For Herculaneum may be smaller, with less of its Roman town laid bare. But what there is is a rich source of everyday life, which is preserved because of the way the town was destroyed.

Unlike Pompeii, which was slowly buried under a day and a half worth of volcanic material before any remaining life was wiped out, Herculaneum was wiped out in minutes by a catastrophic pyroclastic surge which effectively carbonised organic life. This means that organic material like furniture and food is perfectly preserved-unprecidented preservation!

Like its companion books about Pompeii, "Discovering Herculaneum, takes you around the town, discovering its daily life. You can meet the local notables, the ordinary people who lived their-even the kinds of food they ate!

I've changed the format of this book, to make it richer and increase its depth by adding details about the archaeology of the buildings as well as what they tell us about life in Herculaneum. Its a format I intend to carry back to the Pompeii tours, which are going to be edited in time for the summer.

"Discovering Herculaneum" will be released at the end of April 2017. Watch this space for the exact release date and the chance to acquire your copy!

Featured Articles

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Enheduana was the Akkadian appointed high priestess of Ur. A politician as well as a religious figure head, she is also the earliest known author and female scientist in history.

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