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This weeks articles include "The Destruction of Herculaneum" and a seasonal offering "Easter: Pagan or Christian?" which includes an interview with Professor Ronald Hutton, expert on pre Christian religions. See below to find out more.......

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Featured Articles

Did the people really die of suffocation? Read about the new theory, coloured by interviews with experts, about how the people of Pompeii really died.

With its eggs, bunnies-even its name-Easter can seem to be a rooted in paganism. But is that really the case? Professor Ronald Hutton offers his views.

The destruction of Herculaneum was just as tragic and dramatic as that of nearby Pompeii.....

Popular Topics


Emperors, politicians, famous freedmen and notorious slaves. Discover the famous and infamous personalities of Rome.


Discover pioneering sites and historic discoveries such as the rediscovery of Richard III as archaeology reveals the details of medieval life from around the globe.


Houses, gardens, gladiators, business women and industry. Discover the everyday life-and the death of this Campanian town, destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79AD.